Every morning, I wake up because of the pain. Every workout decision is made based on what is hurting or not hurting (as much). I have to use certain massage techniques which are very painful in order to help manage the pain and to help me move better. I have to do extensive warm ups in order to optimize my range of motion for strength training…every workout.

I think I’m getting old.

I don’t tell you all this so that you feel sorry for me. If you were standing in front of me, and expressed your concern, you’d see me shrug, grab the weight, and do the lift. I have been dealing with pain on one level or another ever since a sports injury when I was a young teen. And then there were the multiple knee surgeries. And shoulder injuries. And tendinitis from a job…it just goes on and on.

But here is the thing: I keep training however I can. I adapt. I move forward. I move around it. I hurdle it. Sometimes, I even crawl…but always forward.

Your resolve to keep battling will be tested every day. Some days you will lose that battle. But you can fight again tomorrow. DO. NOT. GIVE. UP!!! Strong mind. Strong body. Think, and grow strong.

I want to encourage you to do whatever it takes to keep training in whatever way you can. I know several of my readers are struggling with injuries, both chronic and acute, and I want you to know that you CAN beat this. You may have to find your own road forward. You should reach out to others, too. But you know your body best…treat it well. But keep moving.

Keep adapting!

8 thoughts on “Adapt

  1. Great post! I don’t have near the amount of pain, probably because this is the first time that I gave ever done anything physically taxing for this length of time. Kudos to you for pushing through!

  2. Love these thoughts. Especially timely for me to read now. Thanks for the reality and encouragement. Moving through the pain is how we know we are alive, yet so important to seek a balance with recovery and restoration. It’s a challenge as we grow older, but as I always say, aging ain’t for pussies. Stand strong!

  3. Be grateful, brother!! Dealing with this pain is certainly no virtue…it just is what it is. I just have to keep the greater goal in mind! And thank you!

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