The Personal Records Keep Rolling In

In my last post, I described the benefits and progress I’d made in just 30 days of using the Bulgarian Method. In the last couple of weeks, I returned to more typical training methods, doing one major lift per day with some accessory lifts thrown in when I felt like it.

I felt confident in approaching heavy weights in all my other lifts, and as a result, hit several multi-rep PRs and 1RM lifts. So the benefits of training with the Bulgarian Method keep coming.

Since the end of the program, I have added 20 pounds to my front squat, 20 pounds to my overhead press, and have been deadlifting, squatting, and bench pressing more weight for reps. I’ll save the PRs on those lifts for my powerlifting meet in a couple weeks!

I think the big lesson I’ve learned is to be patient with the progress. The PRs won’t always be there immediately at the end of a program. Always keep lifting, eating, and resting well. That progress will come.

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